What is cinematic style compared to documentary?

We think of these terms as they apply to actual movies and documentaries. A cinematic project or movie has the intention of telling a story. It is carefully filmed and edited in a way that keeps your attention, entertains you and evokes emotions. A documentary film is intended to document reality in an informative way. While we are in fact documenting your day, we have chosen to tell the story of your wedding in an interesting and emotional way. Older styles of wedding videography involved a camera that followed you around all day with continuous coverage. This is not what we do. We record a series of clips that can be thought of as scenes, and put them together to make your creative highlight film.

How many hours of coverage do I get on my wedding day?

We don’t base our packages on the number of hours you’ll receive on your wedding day. After discussing the events and locations of your day we will suggest a start and end time that will allow us to capture the footage we need to put together your highlight film. Typically more time is necessary to produce the longer edit that is included in the Complete Package.

What do you need to know from me leading up to my wedding day?

We will get in touch with you a couple weeks before your wedding to discuss details and logistics. Some details we need to know include the locations of your preparation time, ceremony, portraits and reception.  For your getting ready time it is helpful if you have all of your details — wedding dress, flowers, shoes, etc. gathered in one area so that they may be filmed.  One of our cinematographers will be with the groomsmen prior to the ceremony as well.

We will need at least 30 minutes to set up our equipment before the ceremony.  The groom and officiant will be wearing wireless microphones. It is helpful if you inform us how many readings/speakers/musicians there will be and the expected length of your ceremony, you could even send us a copy of your ceremony program ahead of time if possible.

For your reception we ask that you have your band or DJ send us an itinerary of your reception’s events so that we can be prepared for any speeches, blessings, dances or special events. We will likely inform your band leader or DJ to give us at least a 5 minute heads up before starting any formalities so that we can be completely set up and ready to film. If that person does not adhere to this request we cannot guarantee that we will have complete coverage of those events. Please reiterate this request to your band or DJ.

How long after my wedding will I receive the final video?

The wedding films we provide cannot be produced overnight. Although we work as fast as we are able, the intricate nature of our editing techniques combined with busy wedding seasons can push lead times to 4-8 months. We realize this is a long time but assure you that the final product will be worth the wait. We know you will enjoy watching your video for a lifetime.

Can I choose the music for my wedding video?

As with any art form, there are copyright laws in place to protect artists against the misuse of their work. We are legally required to purchase licensed music to used in all of our edits. We have many resources and spend a significant amount of time browsing musical options to find a song that fits perfectly with your unique wedding day edit. The cost of music and licensing is included in your package.

What if there are some moments that weren’t included in my edit that I want to see?

The contents of the creative highlight is at the sole discretion of the editor. We take pride in our storytelling and spend countless hours reviewing and selecting the most perfect moments to use in your edit. We know that your wedding day flies by and we understand that you want to relive as much as possible, so we do offer the unedited video clips as an add-on to your package. Keep in mind that since our style is not documentary in nature, not every single second of the day will be captured and we cannot guarantee one hundred percent coverage.